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C-Bond Commercial Nanotechnology Strengthens Glass For Safety and Performance of Windows C-Bond Nanotechnology C-Bond is a nanotechnology primer for window film mounting solutions. There are always imperfections and flaws in every pane of glass that make the glass easy to shatter on impact. C-Bond finds these microscopic defects and fills them in which results in the strengthening of the glass, increases its flexibility and improves its performance. C-Bond is water-based, non- toxic and its patented carbon nanotube (CNT) technology is 100 times stronger than steel. · Glass Strength is improved up to 250% Improve Safety and Security When your business is broken into, one of the goals that the burglars want is to be in and out as fast as possible. C-Bond will either prevent or slow down burglars accessing your business by making it harder for them to enter through one of the most vulnerable points, your windows. Even if someone is using sharp or high impact tools like crow bars and hammers, the time it takes to get through the pane is increased to over two minutes. C-Bond II is a ballistic resistant film system with innovative and exclusive one way ballistic abilities. This ability to resist the impact of a bullet makes it a great deterint for schools and businesses. Shatter-Proof Your Windows When a window is smashed during a storm glass fragments often become lethal weapons. When some flying object hits the pane, glass can become flying projectiles that can injure anyone and anything in its path. With a C-Bond coating and another layer of window film the glass is kept in place, reducing the risk of potential injury and also limiting the mess that flying glass leaves behind. Endurance Testing Scientifically tested by independent laboratories, C-Bond has been proven to withstand a variety of impacts, including ballistics testing. Check out the test reports at C-Bond’s Test Data. Backed by Warranty C-Bond guarantee their products against peeling, cracking, de-metallization, crazing, bubbling, and delaminating. The warranty lasts for 10 years under normal use to the owner of the building at the time of installation.
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