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CoolVu™ Window Tinting
Add privacy and security while making your home more energy efficient.
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Residential Window Tinting

CoolVu window films are outshtanding in a residentail setting. No more waiting for the sun to set to be able to watch TV or opening the blinds. CoolVu residential window tinting will react according to the sun’s intensity and will darken to reduce sun glare. However, on cloudy days or at night, CoolVu films remain unchanged allowing a clear view outside.

Commercial Window Tinting

Office building glass, curtain wall, retail storefronts and most commercial businesses can benefit from CoolVu commercial window tinting Transitional Window Films. This will increase your employees’ comfort and therefore their productivity.

Automotive Window Tinting

Our automotive window tinting is the world’s first automatically tinting glass films. Having a clear window to see through at night provides for much safer driving.
Transitional = Managed Sun Glare Control CoolVu transitional windows reduce the intense glare of the sun thereby making your interior space more comfortable and prevents eye strain due to excessive glare. CoolVu “transitions” from a lighter state to a darker, tinted state when exposed to direct sun. Now you can enjoy clear windows when wanted and tinted windows when needed. UV Protection = Safe Daylight CoolVu photochromic windows block 99.9% of the sun’s UV radiation, in both its clear and tinted states, helping preserve furniture fabrics, and family heirlooms by reducing premature fading. With CoolVu installed on your windows and door glass, the sunlight coming into your space will be free from this problematic radiation. Heat Control = Increased Comfort CoolVu photochromic windows block over 80% of the sun’s infrared heat energy that is transmitted through glass. Our transitional window films are composed of advanced ceramics. These function as solar heat blockers.. With these films installed, buildings can now maintain more consistent temperature balance. Not only is this more comfortable, but it will help reduce energy costs. CoolVu ceramic based window films are the world’s only transitional film available for installation on your windows that maximize daylighting while stopping significant solar heat gain. .


There are many benefits of Coolvu Window Films. The top three are:
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